Lily Cocktails

Posted On: 6/6/2018

Back and ready for the warmth of summer, Lily is our smooth and fruity cream ale. Flavors of orange and raspberry give this beer a distinct sweetness, and some have compared the taste to that of an orange dreamsicle. A soft finish rounds out this refreshing fruit ale made for the long days and warm nights of summer.

Lily is a treat on its own, but its sweet character also makes this beer a great base for fruity cocktails. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few well-crafted recipes to spice up your glass! Whether looking for the perfect drink to top off your barbecue spread or in the mood to try something new after a day in the sun, these Lily cocktails do not disappoint.

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Why Cans?

Posted On: 1/23/2018

There was once a time when the only beer you’d find on the shelf was in bottles. On January 24, 1935, the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company changed the game by partnering with American Can Company to sell their Krueger’s Cream Ale and Krueger’s Finest Beer in cans to the public for the first time. These early beer cans were made from steel, and the flat top had to be punched open with a church key. Though unwieldy compared to aluminum cans today, they were a wild success with the public and other breweries quickly began following Gottfried Krueger’s lead.

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Tractor Fire

Posted On: 2/20/2017

If you’re anything like me, you love a little heat– and anyone looking to spice things up a bit should be getting excited about the return of Tractor Fire. For those unfamiliar, Tractor Fire is our Boone County Brown ale brewed with dried chipotle peppers. Our head brewer, Kraig, cooks with chipotle peppers in almost every meal and he wanted to see how adding the peppers to Boone County Brown could enhance the flavor for a whole new brew. First released last year, Tractor Fire is making its triumphant return with a unanimous vote from everyone at the brewery.

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Featured Blog: How to Speak the Language of Craft Beer

Posted On: 11/8/2016

With all the different beer styles out there, it can be overwhelming to sort through the vocab and understand what makes one beer distinct from another. Sure, you probably know the difference in taste between a pale ale and a porter, but when your overly curious work buddy asks you if a stout is a lager, your beer brain suddenly fizzes out. So, we’ve decided to break down the ABC’s of beer to help you understand the complexities of each style. Consider this your Rosetta Stone for speaking the language of craft beer.

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Aroma: The Unsung Hero of Taste

Posted On: 8/19/2016

Aroma: The Unsung Hero of Taste

For most people, once a beer is poured and slid across the bar, the first step is to start chuggin’. Sure, you may have an appreciation for the taste, but there is a more subtle quality of beer that you might be missing out on. It’s one of the most important (and most overlooked) characteristics of beer − the smell.

The interplay of taste and smell significantly affects how our brains perceive flavor. The common perception is that our tongue is the main facilitator of all things culinary, but your taste buds aren’t capable of delivering the whole story alone. It’s no secret that eating with a stuffy nose leads to a positively depressing dining experience. Without smell, we’re left with tasteless filler. It’s only when we take the time to breathe in the aroma that we can fully tap into the flavor.

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How To Craft The Perfect Backyard BBQ

Posted On: 7/20/2016

A "Guide to a Well Crafted Barbecue" header image
Summer is in full swing and with it comes one of our favorite pastimes: backyard BBQs! It’s time to break out the grill and let your friends at Bur Oak Brewing Company help you craft the perfect BBQ.

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Rent the Brewery

Posted On: 12/11/2014


Would you like to rent the brewery for your own special event? Our large, open brewery space and first-class tasting room combine for a one-of-a-kind atmosphere to host your next holiday office party, wedding reception, or company appreciation event.

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