If you’re anything like me, you love a little heat– and anyone looking to spice things up a bit should be getting excited about the return of Tractor Fire. For those unfamiliar, Tractor Fire is our Boone County Brown ale brewed with dried chipotle peppers. Our head brewer, Kraig, cooks with chipotle peppers in almost every meal and he wanted to see how adding the peppers to Boone County Brown could enhance the flavor for a whole new brew. First released last year, Tractor Fire is making its triumphant return with a unanimous vote from everyone at the brewery.

Tractor Fire has a smoky aroma and a roasted malt backbone, with just enough spice to warm you up without being too overpowering– making it a perfect beer for cooler months. With the light-medium body of a brown ale and coming in at 5.2% ABV, Tractor Fire is a crushable accompaniment for all your favorite fall activities. We love to drink it at bonfires! It’s also a great beer to cook with– our president, Craig, loves to make a Tractor Fire chili.

It can be difficult to come up with the perfect name for a beer. Our team will go back and forth for hours trying to find just the right moniker for a new brew. Tractor Fire was a different story. Tractor Fire’s base beer, Boone County Brown, is easily recognized by the tractor that graces its label. While sampling a small batch of chipotle-infused Boone County, one of our members exclaimed, “This tractor’s on fire!” Thus, “Tractor Fire” incorporates Bur Oak’s Missouri roots, while showcasing the addition of chipotle peppers.

 Try it for yourself! You can find Tractor Fire in stores and on draft now. Cheers!