A "Guide to a Well Crafted Barbecue" header image
Summer is in full swing and with it comes one of our favorite pastimes: backyard BBQs! It’s time to break out the grill and let your friends at Bur Oak Brewing Company help you craft the perfect BBQ.

Inviting Friends

Kicking back and sharing stories, laughs (and brews) with friends and family is what a well crafted BBQ is all about! Whether your guest list is taller than you are or just includes a small group of friends, there are a variety of online tools and apps available to help you creatively get the word out. Some creative options include Paperless Post, Hobnob, Invitd.


A good playlist will set the tone for whatever party you’re hosting. Check out our “Bur Oak Backyard BBQ” station on Pandora, or make your own on Spotify, iTunes Music or 8tracks. Think about the tastes of your audience and be sure to find songs that fit the mood. We recommend sticking to upbeat music to start the party off and throwing in some fan favorites that will have everyone singing along.


No BBQ is complete without some great entertainment. A couple of backyard games like cornhole, volleyball or washers will keep your guests from getting bored while you’re at the grill. You can even make your own cornhole set as a summer DIY project, featuring your favorite sports team or another theme.

Bur Oak interns Rachel Tainter and Kevin Ackermann play cornhole


The perfect menu can bring your backyard BBQ to the next level. Consider how much time you have to prepare your menu, your guest list (# of attendees, dietary restrictions, degree of formality), and select a theme for your BBQ. Here are some of our favorite themed menu combos:

The All-American
Beer Flavored Brats (We suggest using a beer with less hops and alcohol, like our Trail Bender Wheat!)
Mustard pretzels
Roasted Corn on the cob
Grilled Asparagus
American Flag Fruit pizza

The Fiesta
Guacamole burgers (Or a healthier alternative!)
Lime tortilla chips
Chorizo Queso
Fried ice cream

The Midwestern
Pulled Pork
Caesar Salad (Here’s a dressing we love!)
Roasted potatoes
Gooey Butter Cake


Of course, no well crafted backyard BBQ is complete without great drinks. We’ve handcrafted the perfect summer cocktail recipe, with Bur Oak beer as the not-so-secret ingredient. Recipes like this one are a great way to make your barbecue your own, as they are always a unique addition for your guests.


You can also pick up Bur Oak Brewing summer favorites, Lily, Sacred Sun Saison, Big Tree IPA and Trail Bender as well as the brand new Golden Ryetio, now available in cans in stores near you. We encourage you to get a variety of styles for your guests. Craft beer snobs will enjoy trying something out of the ordinary and newbies will be able to find a style that is within their range.

We also suggest serving your beer in a large metal party tub or something similar. This makes it easy to sort through different styles of beer and will assure your guests that the beer is free for all and that there is plenty to go around.

While there’s a lot that goes into planning the perfect backyard extravaganza, any BBQ will be “well crafted” as long as you’re kicking back with some great food, good friends, and a few Bur Oak brews. Cheers!