Brewers Notes: Stout Heart is a giant Ent tree creature of Middle-Earth and the protector of the Big Tree. Stout Heart, protector of all things good, wards o evil and rescues righteousness. He resembles the size and strength of the Big Tree of mid-Missouri. With a 7.6 foot trunk diameter, Stout Heart measures in at 7.6% ABV and standing 90 feet tall equals 90 SRM (deep color) has impressive stature. Stout Heart Extra Stout is a tribute to the boldness of such valor. Rewarded in a richness only found in this labyrinth (t)ale. Enjoy Stout Heart, as he has found you worthy.

Style: Extra Stout

Alcohol by Volume: 7.6%

Malts: Two-row, Oats, Caramel Munich-80, Kiln Coffee Malt, Chocolate Malt, Carafa III

Hops: Mt. Hood


International Bitterness Units:


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