Brewers Notes: Big Tree was brewed to honor Boone County’s champion Bur Oak tree. The Big Tree has withstood the test of time, at 350 years plus, this majestic tree has a canopy that stands 90 feet tall and the trunk is 7.6 feet in diameter. To pay homage to the Big Tree we designed this double India Pale Ale to the tree’s specification. The trunk diameter of 7.6 feet is our ABV and the height of 90 feet is the hop load of 90 IBU’s. Big Tree IPA may be big, but its mellow smooth flavor will delight and satisfy with the well balanced delivery of a significant hop presence.

Style: Double India Pale Ale

Alcohol by Volume: 7.6%

Malts: Brewers Malt, Caramel 40 Malt, 2-Row

Hops: Chinook


International Bitterness Units:


Food Pairings: Thai Cuisine, Tex-Mex, pizza or just a great burger.

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